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The Launching Point for Young Adults

True North's Young Adult Program is the ideal opportunity for 18-22 year old young men and women in need of finding a new direction. Students in our Young Adult Program develop social, emotional, and critical thinking skills, laying the foundation for more independence and a successful future.   The average length of stay for our young adults is 10 to 12 weeks.

True North is located in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains. This area has long been recognized for its wholesome and vibrant communities.  The local atmosphere is rich with natural beauty and a commitment to a sustainable future.  Our programming is based on authentic relationships and real time coaching that allows our students to build insight, maturity and the many coping skills required for independent living.  Students who attend the young adult program are surrounded by fresh air, supportive and rewarding peer relationships, and engage in an active lifestyle with an emphasis on wellness and personal development.

Our Young Adult Program gives students an opportunity to examine their responses to everyday challenges. The experiential environment provides a safe and supportive setting for students to establish more effective coping skills.  As students develop self-awareness and insight into their relationships and the dynamics in the world around them, they are able to identify and clarify their personal goals and the steps necessary to achieve them.   

We guide and support our students as they work toward establishing an independent and fulfilling life. The True North therapeutic process is rooted in the conviction that all young people want to find purpose and meaning in their lives and we are committed to helping our students discover their individual path.



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  • individualized treatment plans
  • development of life and relationship skills
  • a comprehensive family program