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Life at True North

Our Model for Healthy Living

The True North experience is centered around creating success through personal responsibility. The outdoor environment provides natural challenges that students must face in order to progress through the program. Our program model changes depending on the season.  During the summer months from May to October students participate in an expedition based hiking model where they are camping nightly on State and National forest, as well as private land where they take a break from hiking and have a couple of days of rest midweek.   During the rest of the year, from October to May, students are based at the Windridge Camp Campus, located in Roxbury, Vermont. This property offers heated cabins where students sleep in expedition style wall tents and heated cabins. There are many activites for our students including, yoga and cooking class, periodic showers and more. To learn more about our winter campus please click here.  Students are responsible for maintaining their environment, self-care, and contributing to the needs of their group. Our goal is to meet students in their present state and help them to reach appropriate and realistic goals regardless of learning style and past experiences.  

A typical day at True North

  • Preparing meals and managing group living responsibilities
  • Hiking or snowshoeing through the National and State forests
  • Participating in camping and outdoor living skills including primitive fire making and orienteering skills
  • Focused experiential education through our written curriculum
  • Group initiatives designed to foster teamwork, leadership, and relational skills
  • Personal goal work 
  • Leadership role opportunities
  • Personal time for creative writing and curriculum assignments.
  • Daily group process 






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Life at True North offers

  • Development of interpersonal skills
  • Small group living
  • Experiential model
  • Leadership roles