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Spring Updates!

After another successful winter at our Wind Ridge Campus we will be heading back to the woods full-time. We will be using State and National forest all around the Mad River Valley. Students will be hiking through the Green Mountains as well as sleeping in personal shelters from May through October. If you haven't come for a tour of our winter campus please contact Caretia Fernandez before May 15th to schedule a visit to see our safe and warm accommodations, and explore the wide range of winter programming at our beautiful winter campus.

Parent Program

The True North Parent Program has been going strong for seven years and we are continuing to evolve. Our Parent Program has a fully integrated, unique curriculum for parents during their child's stay, weekly one hour phone calls with a Parent Therapist in addition to their one hour phone call with their child's Course Leader and the option to attend a two-day Parent Workshop in Vermont. As we grow, we are bidding farewell to one of our Parent Therapists and welcoming in a new one.
Will Twombly has decided to take a hike, literally. He has left his role as a Parent Therapist to fulfill one of his life goals; to hike all three of the major trails in the United States. In 2010 he successfully hiked the Appalachian Trail and this April he will endeavor to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The PCT spans over 2600 miles and goes from the Mexican border through California, Oregon and Washington. This hike will take the better part of six months and require him to hike 15 to 20+ miles a day for five months!
“I have had a goal to thru hike the PCT for many years, and given the fact that I will turn 50 this year, the time just seems right to put my pack on and start this hike while I’m still physically strong.” His decision was not easy, and as he stated, “Deciding to hike the PCT has been a hard decision for me, as I have found my time at True North since 2012, and the privilege to support families through their process of change, to be a real honor and blessing. I will miss the good people with whom I have had the opportunity to work.” In April he will head to the desert of Southern California to start his long walk to Canada. Over the last year and a half he has brought his clinical insight and wisdom, warmth and humor to our team and we are grateful to have worked with him. He leaves big shoes to fill and will be greatly missed. Please join us in bidding him a hearty farewell and safe journey on the trail. We will be following and supporting Will’s journey and invite you to do
the same.  You may send letters (and treats) to post offices along the way and he will be sharing some of his experiences online. We will have a link to Will's blog up on our website soon.
As Will departs on his journey we are excited that Paul Case, PsyD has joined our therapeutic team as a Parent Therapist. Paul has a Clinical Psychology degree from Wheaton College and a rich history in the therapeutic community. Over the past 12 years Paul has served as a Clinical Supervisor, a Primary Therapist and an Assistant Clinical Director at three of the nation’s top therapeutic programs.  He will be working with our Course Leaders to support parents through the course of their stay at True North. 

Adolescent Girls Group
Thea Stanford, a Course Leader at True North, is working with girls in our adolescent program this spring and summer. While she has enjoyed working with young adults and with adolescent boys at True North, she is thrilled to return to her favorite kind of work.  Thea has returned to working with adolescent girls as Justine O'Donnell and Dan Rafferty will be leaving True North in May. Justine and Dan welcomed a baby girl named Vivienne this past year and will be returning to Justine's home town of Chicago, IL and closer to Dan’s Minnesotan roots to open their own private practice and raise Vivienne closer to family. We wish them all the best and will continue to cheer them on from afar.
True North continues to support families and students through charting their own path in life. We offer sophisticated clinical intervention in the wilderness setting. Our admissions process is supportive and collaborative and includes assisted enrollments when recommended or necessary and at our discretion.